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[Bath Soap] Oriental Medicine Whitening Soap

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  • South Korea South Korea
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[Bath Soap] Oriental Medicine Whitening Soap


It is a whitening soap with 8 oriental medicines such as Poria cocos Wolf, white silkworm which are good for skin whitening, and collagen effective in skin elasticity and moisturizing.

Main components

  • Olive oil, jojoba, white silkworm, Poria cocos Wolf - collagen - lavender


  • Oriental medicine good for whitening is added, effective in skin whitening and moisturizing


  • Somber skin, dry skin

Differences between natural soap and regular soap

  Natural handmade soap Regular soap
Raw material 100% vegetable oil animal, mineral and vegetable oil
Scent aroma essential oil(lavender, tea tree) synthetic scent
Color natural coloring (green tea, dried orange peel, red clay) artificial coloring
Additives natural oriental medicine surfactant, preservative, chemicals, coagulant
Skin natural moisturizing, gentle for skin stimulates skin, incurs allergies
Expiration 12 months no expiration(chemical preservative)
Weakness did not use chemical coagulant, so it is easily dissolved in water; must dry before use hazardous for skin and health due to chemical additives

How to use natural soap!!

  • Natural handmade soap is quite soft, because chemical coagulant is not used.
  • Please use soap holder or support with good water drain.
  • Wet your face with lukewarm water, massage with enough foam and wash your face.
  • Wash off with cold water; it is good for pore contraction.
  • Natural handmade soap eliminates skin wastes, has high humidity and low stimulation, and makes your skin moist and elastic.